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Tanisha Vaishampayan

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To The Dream......

To The Dream......

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To the dream as I walk,

Over the troubling wheat stalk,

To dream is my dream,

Bare footed, as I walk to the dream.

Over the clouds, beyond the horizon,

Gathering strength, and running from the prison,

Darkening the colour from white to cream,

Enthusiastically, as I walk to the dream.

Where science is myth, and myth is science,

Where the limit is limited on a line,

A place where expressions are supreme,

Straight forward, as I walk to the dream.

Where thieves are free, and police behind bars,

Houses are far, and nearer being the stars,

A place where richer is the seam,

Crossing barriers, as I walk to the dream.

The freedom I should get to dream my dream,

Containing as many ideas like a light beam,

Even in a dream, where funny is a meme,

With a thought to dream, as I walk to the dream.

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