My Childhood was a Lie

My Childhood was a Lie

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How would you feel? 

If you just realize, 

That your childhood was a lie, 

That all that magic, 

All the purity, 

All that Love, 

Was never there, 

All that warm moments, 

That I miss so much, 

Never occurred, 

All those innocent and happy days, 

Were never ending gloominess camouflaged, 

My castle was broken a long time ago, 

I was no princess,

All those shattered pieces were hidden, 

By mother, 

She replaced all the broken pieces of my castle, 

By breaking her own,

Hiding all her pain, 

All the blood of her killed dreams, 

She stood there smiling, 

And I never knew. 

My childhood was a lie, 

A beautiful lie, 

Dark and stormy nights, 

Were camouflaged by mother, 

As happy sunlit skies, 

Where we found meanings in shapeless clouds, 

Under starry skies, 

Where constellations were magic tales, 

Happy, warm fire camps,

Were never happy, 

But she made it all beautiful for us,


My mother is a liar, 

She says she had no dreams, 

While I could clearly see, 

The blood dripping from her hands,

She says she is happy, 

While her eyes shine brightly, 

With tears…. 

My childhood was a lie, 

A happy lie, 

The most beautiful lie, 

Because my mother is a liar, 

She spread hope in despair, 

She never let us know about the storm, 

She kept us safe, 

In our world of happy childhood days…. 

Where sadness disguised as fairy tales, 

And despair disguised as video games, 

Where tears disguised as delicious dishes,

And gloom disguised as games. 

And I never knew… 

I never knew. 

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