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Advika naik .

Children Inspirational


Advika naik .

Children Inspirational

Nature And Its Resources

Nature And Its Resources

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Nature and its marvelous resources,

Mesopotamians used to always worship these natural forces.

A park or a garden everywhere is nature,

Every place in nature has a rare creature.

The first and most beautiful is a natural flower,

They are more admired than the Petronas Twin Towers.

All flowers have their own specialty,

It's all like imagination, we never feel it is reality.

The second ones, the grass, and trees,

And do not forget, grow trees for the oxygen breeze.

Grasses are green, wild or short,

Their types are very special and interesting just like a sport.

The third ones can be minerals,

Some can be rare, some are general.

Sodium, Iodine can be considered,

With vitamins, in our body, minerals can be delivered.

The fourth and vital one is water,

It can be drunk, in a cup but not a saucer.    (Exception: Seawater)

70% of water is available on Earth,

Preserving water can be of beneficial worth.

The fifth one can be air,

In nature, it can be found anywhere.

Carbon-dioxide, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Argon are some gases which in the air can be found,

But for human beings, the most important, Oxygen can be crowned.

The sixth one can be coal,

It should be used in a small amount but is not made from fossil fuels like diesel and petrol.

In the world, it is a major air pollutant,

Just like in a classroom, most noisy is a naughty student.

The seventh one can be soil and land,

Soil is useful to grow crops and is grand.

We also play and stand on this land and soil,

Sometimes from this land we also get oil.

The eighth one can be timber,

It is also used to make the table on which we eat dinner.

It is also used for construction,

It can be used to make paper products for production.

There are also many more,

We do not know,

They may also be a part of the Earth's core.

So these resources should not be wasted,

All of these, are within each other always related.

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