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krishna priya

Others Children


krishna priya

Others Children

The Hidden Shackles Of India

The Hidden Shackles Of India

1 min

In the market I was,

Saw a pretty face that wore no scars.

Alone in the bus stop, she stood,

A seller came in selling food.

A bottle of mineral water he took out,

His expressions made me doubt.

The water in the bottle attacked the poor pretty face,

He ran away before anyone could chase.

Screaming and crying she fell down,

Before late, she was in the hospital of the town.

Police discovered that, that man wasn't mad,

Yet his punishment made each girl sad.

The twin siblings happily flew their kites,

The street being their playground, everyone loved their funny fights.

Screaming and laughing they used to run,

Even hearing that was a real fun.

One evening the street turned silent,

Knowing it their parents turned violent.

The torn kites and slippers of the twins were found,

Extremely haunting for the parents it had sound.

Missing notices were stuck on all walls,

Those parents still waiting for their children's calls.

Before those twins were found,

The number of such cases became difficult to count.

A girl should be able to walk alone,

No matter if it's night or dawn.

Parents should feel free to let their dear one's out,

Without fear or any doubt.

Education facility for every child,

No matter if they live in a village or Wild.

For every individual proper health availability,

Away from malnutrition, everyone should be.

India in which we are living

Requires some changes for its well being.

Then I would proudly say,

"#freeindia all the way."

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