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Advika naik .

Inspirational Children


Advika naik .

Inspirational Children

A Child's Routine

A Child's Routine

1 min

No ashrams, no gurukuls,

In modern days, it is a school.

Pens, pencils, erasers, and books,

Everyone loves school, by hook or by crook!

Let's learn Math,

On Euclid's path.

Let's learn Physics, Chemistry, and Biology,

Only science, no mythology.

Let's be confident with History,

Early Civilizations and Monuments are full of mysteries.

Let's travel around with Geography,

We have maps and globes as a company.

India's language is Hindi,

Seb, Santra and Bhindi.

Foreign languages like French,

Cannot be learned at a stretch.

Now lets come to the word exam, formative or summative,

Lets study with books, using flowcharts is not prohibitive.

Do not take stress nor any tension,

While your teacher explains chapters, pay attention.

Play and Study, Play and Study,

You'll then surely be a book's buddy.

Plan your routine every time,

Or you may fall in trouble anytime.

In the morning brush your teeth, and have your breakfast,

You can't miss your bus, run fast!

Monday till Friday, go to school,

Then go again, if you forget, you're not a fool.

Come home again, by walking or by bus,

Rest at home after a lot of rush.

Wash your hands and legs, don't forget to be ready,

To have your lunch, yummy...….yummy! 

Then sleep for some time and study,

Coz it's your routine buddy.

But not in this corona time,

Let's pray to God so that everything's fine.

Let's attend sessions, synchronous or asynchronous,

That's what this virus has given us.

That is a Child's Routine,

As this virus was unforeseen.

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