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Wasima Raida Islam

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational


Wasima Raida Islam

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational

This is me

This is me

2 mins 238 2 mins 238

This is me thinking

If what u did me could be right

Cuz i am feeling

If u ever loved me we would never fight

Like we did

Or no one would see me in this plight

Cuz u were not stardust of my sight

Not the shining armour leading me to the light 

Now I am blaming

I should have listened to them

When they said run as fast as you can

If i paid heed that time

It would be so nice,Itmight

It is not a tug of war

We are the oponent soldiers

We dont even know

what we are fighting for

We are just two souls

Screaming in

Now I am cursing you in

Should have known

You were liar and pathetic

You made ur theories you were hypothetic

But I feel pain

Remembering past memories

How I let u steal my shine

Which brought u glories

And now I am not sleeping

This is me myself blaming

How could this happen

Why did I ever let u in??

This was not your worst crime

Should have confronted you

The first time

Now I am sinking for the tragedy

You are happy

Though u caused me misery

This time I have made my mind

Won't listen to your stupid line

This is me hoping

Gonna bring my armour back

Let it shine

I am gonna be fine 

And outspoken and brave

Will never misbehave

Will break the tie

IF i smell a lie

And I hope u cry hard cuz

I will be just the way I was

I am perfect because

Of the times you broke my heart 

Of the rhymes u told me just

Of the screams and the lust

Of the armour gathered to rust.

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