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The Natural Sensation

The Natural Sensation

2 mins

I love the rays of the morning sun

And I adore the sketches of dawn being done

I respect the music of the early birds they tune

And I watch the nocturnal beings awaiting the moon

I admire the endearing breeze kissing my skin so fair

And I seize the moment as it blows past my hair

I awe the ripples of the water beneath my toes

I praise the lush apples; on the trees it grows

And then comes the moon over the insolvent west

Streaming all to sleep, granting them dreams and rest

The gray paves are neutral and monochrome

The stars from above hymn a charming poem

The riffles and ripples on the lake

Is such an obscure marvel to make

The swaying trees, with its rustling leaves

But all of this glee never stays but leaves

The birds singing on the trees on its nest

The moon and the sun rising in the east and west

O’ how I feel nature is my dwell in my heart

Its’ beauty and delight cannot be drawn in any chart

The elegant beauty of the falls, the chill waters it bears

And the calls made by horses to their mares

The grass so dewy shining with the rays of dawn

And the flutter of bees and butterflies in the morn

I have witnessed the wonders of this Mother World

The powers of my Mother has been unfurled

I thought this bliss and rhapsody will be overjoyed

But this vague creation is for evermore destroyed

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