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Nikhil Maturi

Inspirational Others


Nikhil Maturi

Inspirational Others

The Music Of Life

The Music Of Life

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Fingers in excruciating pain

Skin bent very much in pain

Red like fire and wrinkled like a prune

Your fingers become like a testing room

It hurts so much when you first start to play

But soon it escapes and it makes your day

The sound comes out in beautiful waves

Lighting you up 

Saving your day

At first, it is sort of boring 

But eventually, that goes away

You start to play songs 

And your talents come to life 

You start to read notes and practice all day

When you go wrong 

You stick to it and try once more

Soon it comes 

And it becomes your ecstasy 

You will be euphoric the moment it works and a soothing sound springs to life

You entertain others with your beautiful tunes 

They enjoy the sound and you bask in the glory

They point out little errors 

But you practice more 

Eliminating them, giving errors no more

You learn harder songs 

And sulk in sadness for a little while

Unable to make progress for the day

Eventually, it comes and you are amazed

It works and you are on top of the world that day 

Music is fun 

It has its ups and down

Hard at first 

But amazing once you get there

It makes the music of life 

Making everyone's day

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