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The Latches You Fastened

The Latches You Fastened

2 mins 184 2 mins 184

You knock on the door of my heart.

You walk inside through it.

The warmth of my arms embrace your body; makes you comfortable.

My heartbeat, a song to your ears, puts you to sleep.

And now, I have locked my door,

For I want no more.

I just want you. I want you to find your home in me.

But what a tragedy, it is,

That your home is somewhere else; in her embrace.

What a tragedy it is, that I was just a resort to you,

On your getaway from the pain she gave you.

You taste my mouth as if it were your whiskey — to drink the pain away.

My warmth saves you from the cold zephyr outside,

Nothing but her.

You stroke my hair as if it were hers,

And hold my body close to yours.

As she is asleep in his arms, not giving a drop

Of thought to you,

And here you are, spilling out your love for her in the form of an ocean.

And here I am,

Calming the tsunamis taking place inside of you.

Jerks break your tranquil sleep.

I decide to wake you up from your dreams,

You told me you saw galaxies.

You tell me how my warmth is like the sun’s, causing ease and comfort to you.

Her charm like the Moon’s, causing waves in your ocean.

But, my child, do you not understand?

The moon is the Earth’s,

And to her you are just the Pluto.

You say you need her.

I want to let you know that you see the full moon right now.

As phases will change, she will fade away into a new moon,

And you will be lost, looking for her in millions of galaxies.

As she still moves for her earth.

But I don’t utter a word,

Because your spaceship is ready, and as you leave,

I reach out my hands to you,

I don’t want to let you go.

But the gravity pulls me down.

I fall to my floor and spill for you.

But you are gone,

And my heart feels empty.

And now, I promise myself to never let another in again.

Because I’d rather be empty for a lifetime, and let it be dark forever,

Than let them flicker my lights whenever they feel like it.

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