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Richa jain

Abstract Classics Children


Richa jain

Abstract Classics Children

The Day

The Day

2 mins 175 2 mins 175

It's dawn,

It's day

New way

To go ahead

Roam around those

Quit, calm and lingering creeping rose.

Smell those soothing jasmine and lavenders

Bearing hues of violets and whites.

 But not to high.

 Touch that "touch me not"

To feel the consentient.

Step bare footed in

Those green grass.

Take your time for observing the ancient banyan .

look at its branching roots,

Which will make

 a swing for you.

Dance with these parlor palms and

they give you

shade to calm.

But you need

not to be shady.

Talk to those

hens and chic

Told you,

the story of being grew. continuously grow

with each fallen leaf.

So don't be

 in grief when

someone leaves

 you to be reborn.

Go near to

those kiwi and berries.

They give you

fresh and healthy

 food of their fruits. 

Go to the beach

and you will find

lots of palms here. 

To tell you

your height

with them.

Let's play

hide and seek

Within these

shady trees.

Let's take a step

 to save our planet

 by saving

 these  Greens.

May our true love

will not be ever after

 but these

growing greens

make your planet

happily ever after.

Don't cry 

and panic alone.

Just go and get

 a company of them.

Love to them

to love to all.

These are

not only trees

 Bush, branch,

bark and food.

But these are provider too.

As you make atom bomb

Some of those snakes species called oxybomb.

Your bomb

 destroys us .we human.

But these green arms

Give you breath to

pump your heart.

So don't be greedy 

But be catchy .

To saw the

beauties of utmost eternity.

Love these green companions

 to embrace

our plant earth.

Whenever you

 watch any alone

needy companion. 

Just go to near

 and help them to grow.

This make you grow.

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