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Richa jain



Richa jain


Good Bye

Good Bye

2 mins 196 2 mins 196

See you seen.

Now, good bye.

We will be meeting 

In another occasion. 

But it's time to say

Good bye and take

Care of your own.

Yes, as you care for me.

As you feel for me.

I also reciprocates the same.

I love you jana.

Want to wakeup with you.

You sleep near to you.

But this is the time 

To serve the duty.

To go to my officials. 

But be happy and stay strong, wait for me till the moon.

I come to you.

To see you seen.

I know you miss me.

You crave me.

Believe me jana.

It's not that what I

Wanted this time.

What I can't do nothing  

They called me for my duty

I have to go for my view.

But you are still my love.

I will be back.

Please forgive me to

Make all alone for a long time.

Keep me understand.

I am all yours.

Don't put any harsh.

This time I have not bear your messy and mood swings. 

But I promise I will come

To take you to the swing.

Along side the water mark.

We will be soon at the seaside, dazzling beauty of nature .

Sitting on the sand to feel the warmth of our intimacy. 

I come to you to take you more closer.

Till the wait.

I may come late.

But I promise a date.

A night date. 

We will dive in

Delicacy of feels.

We will make sure 

Ours dreams.

Till that wait jana.

I come to you.

To see you soon.

I love you too.

I miss you

As you do.

Jana till then

Live with zeal.

We will on

Dull lake as 

Soon as

They seize the war.

Good bye jana.

Now give me

Smile to farewell me.

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