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The Dance

The Dance

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When the crowd hooted

And the eyes met!

When the heart skipped beats

And the two souls felt amazing!

He walked forth, took her hand 

And heaved her up!

When they ceased breathes

And their senses fumbled!

When the ambiance did the talking

And the hazel eyes blinked and blushed!

The two hearts danced in love

Lost in each other! 

When the fingers hesitated to touch

And the neck was full of grudge!

When a smile hid all the joy 

And the daring eyes looked into each other!

The shilly shally newborn love 

Bloomed and blossomed!

When the fingers got entwined 

And the souls got entangled!

When the feet took the initiative 

And they danced with all their will!

Their body moved with the music 

And the surrounding seemed blurred!

Like the sunsets 

To fondle the mountains' palette!

With pink tangerine and red.

Like a flower blooms in the spring 

As if it's her time of the planet.

Like the wind talks 

As we take a walk!

Like fire gives light to the darkness

Making things bright!

Like the sunbeams enter a canopy

To beautify the forest!

Like the trees chants

When the wind enhance.

Like the morning energises 

And the evening feels fresh!

The two lovers made love 

Caught in each other's heart!

And took each other's hand

To dance and dance!

Thereby love flourished!

Deep and profound!!

Lovers don't finally meet each other!

They are in each other all along.

Love is combining an insensible desire 

With a conscious choice

To Love is amazing 

To Love is hard!

But to love and being loved

 Is the best feeling ever!

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