Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Ishan Agarwal



Ishan Agarwal




3 mins

We are all men, of two natures,

One, that both, joy and sorrow bring,

It attracts all creatures,

Towards, the world’s, material things.

The other is the higher one,

Who grants life, albeit, a short one.

He guides every good deed,

That, by man, is ever done.

The two will always fight,

For they are in opposition;

And, unless we resolve, to do the right,

Pitiful, shall be our position.

For then, they shall remain in conflict,

And we shall be out of control;

And the wounds, this war shall inflict,

Shall tear, apart, our soul.

So we cannot be one person,

Yet travel on both paths;

For, quickly, must we see reason!

And choose one, at last.

Well, only look around you,

You’ll see that it is true.

I speak of nothing new;

That is not clear, in your view.

So, choose the other road,

And you’ll soon emerge the winner;

Worry not, even if you’re slowed;

In the beginning, it shall be bitter.

For, while the other, gives you joy,

This one may give you sorrow;

Yet, it should not; you annoy,

As you dream of a better tomorrow.

Though, this road will make you,

Forgo friends,

And show you the shallowness of materialistic,


And though many, it has twists and bends,

Yet, it will make your mind and soul,

Freely fly above, like a dove!

Above, the worlds small joys and suffering,

Above it’s every lament;

Above the other petty paths ruffling,

This one will give you something, permanent.

A hope that is forever;

Such, that men cannot touch.

A bliss that is forever;

And then, nothing will matter much.

Once, the choice has been made,

Both paths shall have a cost;

But in one, we shall be repaid,

Choose wrongly, and all will be lost.

One is the river of worldliness,

That meanders in its flow.

The other, the path of righteousness,

So peaceful, in its glow.

And though, the first may tempt you,

It will cause you a deadly blow.

And though, it may be hard to say no,

I pray you do not choose so.

For finally it will flow,

Into the ocean of your trouble,

Striking you a terrible blow, and make you know,

The world at best, is but, a bubble.

That must finally burst,

And cause you terrible pain.

For in it; once, you get immersed,

You’ll wish, you could choose again.

For, it holds no lasting blessing,

This is its sad reality.

Its pleasures are shallow and fleeting,

Its joys have no morality.

It is at heart hollow,

Its joys and gains repress,

It often leads only to sorrow,

Does this vision, depress?

For all other roads, go on forever,

Only this one has an end.

And after your long tiresome journey,

To peaceful heaven, you’ll be sent.

Both life and death shall wait outside,

And that too; for eternity.

All this is yours when you cast aside,

And make the right choice, with your God sent ability.

Accept the truth, that, you have earned,

That shall reveal all truths, around you;

And the lessons that you have learned;

That wisdom will always surround you.

So, to conquer the evil path;

Not let the devil, be around you;

It time for us to grow, a loving view,

In our mind, soul, and in our heart.

Then, men shall not touch you,

Nor, any of their Gods, above,

And no evil will approach you,

As you become, the protected one.

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