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Teachers Plea

Teachers Plea

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We are all good school teachers,

Who guide students to a good future,

Was it wrong to be a teacher? 

For today we are not sure of our future.

We teach children what is right and wrong,

We teach our children to be strong.

But today our future has become bleak.

We feel we find our selves in a position very weak

This has become our tragedy we are told to wait,

For our salary, this has become our fate,

We teach children the values of life,

We teach them to be brave in strife,

Today our lives have become untenable,

We, teachers, have become so vulnerable,

That we are made to beg for our wages,

We are made to feel like we live in cages.

Is this the respect we get we feel so sad,

We who teach our children what is good and bad,

We feel so small asking people to help us,

Fort his virus has thrown everyone under the bus.

But we are helpless we don't know whom to reach.

We know only one thing and that is how to teach.

So forgive us if we seem to ask you for a little care.

Till we all get over this nightmare.

once upon a time you too were taught by a good teacher,

Who guided you to a good and secure future.

Today is your guru, your teacher, not worth a dime, 

We only ask you to help us for some time, 

Till we overcome this darkness in our life,

Till we overcome this fearsome strife.

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