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Neha Prasad

Drama Romance


Neha Prasad

Drama Romance



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I guess the sky has taken responsibility 

To captivate me in its beautiful hues

Of glory and reflecting colourful life

Within the dimension of my vision 

And my window of scenic life.

I guess the sky know I have 

A connection with the beautiful sunset

And how much I adore

Reliving my past moments with him,

Watching the sunset, holding hand 

And kissing under the hues

Reflecting on our face, celebrating life.

Taking me back to the light 

Of once-upon-a-time memories,

The sky is watching me how blushingly 

I am capturing to write down my memories 

With him, with the sky, bringing down 

All the layers of love,

Witnessed itself by nature

Trees, river and obviously sky.

Down to the memory lane,

My fingers are entangled with his 

Resting my head on his shoulder 

We are seizing our present 

Looking at the sunset.

शामें पहले कुछ अलग सी थी

अब भी कुछ अलग सी है

तब हलचल बहुत थी

अब ठहराओ बहुत है...

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