Stressful Maths

Stressful Maths

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In maths there are four operations,

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

To solve them we have to do a lot of calculations,

And while solving them I have a lot of confusion.

Sometimes which operation to use, I don't come to the conclusion;

In maths there are many boring lessons.

It has many puzzling equations,

Some sums are so easy that while solving them I have fun.

When maths exam arrives, I have a lot of tension;

I am maths target who wants to shoot me with a gun.

There are some more operations like decimal and fraction,

To faint me is their mission.

It is more difficult than fighting an election,

I want to ban maths and remove it from the nation.

How do mathematicians solve the sums they are also humans,

Salute them, they deserve appreciation.

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