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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Shristuti Srirapu

Abstract Children Stories


Shristuti Srirapu

Abstract Children Stories

When The Sky Breaks

When The Sky Breaks

2 mins

It was nothing.


A drop falls to the ground

Drumming, timid, one by one.

Waiting for the dark clouds 

To break through, to cause pandemonium in the calm sky.

But for now, it drips softly,

Bursting on your palms.

Clouds will later build up to a storm.

Gentle music from the shower

That turns into a speeding melody.

Urgent, hurried, building up to something beyond the horizon.

Darting through the dark.

Searching for what’s next, impatiently, frustrated.

Bullets of rain now shoot through the sky,

Spewed from gray clouds.

Anger rising from the wind that whizzes

Between the thrashing trees.

Until light jolts from above.

And everything stops.

The world illuminated

By tendrils of electricity that reach down. 

The world waits in suspense

Scared of what lies ahead.

And the rain screams down again.

Peals of thunder roaring from the beating drums of the sky.

Raging in the heavens, 

Waterfalls of rain charging down

Exploding on the floor.

The wind, once whistling, rips through the frigid air,

Howling, wailing through rolling growls of thunder.

Sparks of fury fly though the now black clouds.

But it hesitates.

Cowering in the powerful shine of the sun,

Fleeing away from the golden light.

Leaving the earth blanketed in bright blue


There is nothing.

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