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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Jefrin Baby



Jefrin Baby


Sterlite Ban protest-May 22

Sterlite Ban protest-May 22

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Writers, don't write.

Artists, don't paint.

Actors, please don't act.

Lovers, please don't kiss.


Faithful March to the tomb

And wail for your beloved.

Priests, please enter the altar

And offer sacrifices for the remembrance.


Youngsters, hold a candle

Mothers, weep for your children

Fathers, bow down your heads in grief

And everyone, observe silence!

Let the city be calm today

With the wind of freedom passing by!

Let our young generation kids laugh & be merry

For, they are about to enjoy a safe environment!

O' tabernacles! Stay open

O' churches! Observe sorrow.

Let the musicians play their instruments

To soothe our pain of separation.

Hey fucking government!

We finally won! We won!

We can rejoice in laughter now!

But our emotions don't allow us to celebrate

For, the bloodshot fragrance is still

Stinking in the air around.

And one day, I say

Mark my words.

Whoever was involved in this encounter

We will suffer in front of our eyes!

God and Karma will play their game.

You will suffer the thousand times

The way we suffered!

Suffer a lot. Let your generations suffer.

I'll enjoy seeing you suffer.

If this never happens so

I would neither write nor think!

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