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Jefrin Baby

Abstract Drama


Jefrin Baby

Abstract Drama

Hostel Room

Hostel Room

1 min

Things look worse

Untidy throughout the year. 

Congested space with poor ventilation

Still more happy air around us to breathe. 

Coffee mug unwashed for months

Dried clothes upon the couch, unfolded. 

That noisy fan upon our heads

Still gives peaceful sleep in late night.

All inmates occupying the single cot 

Gossiping throughout the entire night. 

Broiling Maggie in the midnight

And Washing clothes once in a while

Is our routine. 

Took bath in lavatory without doors 

Kept open the wardrobe without keys. 

Borrowed dresses of our friends and

Never return back till graduation. 

Laughter and sorrow blended with the 

Four walls of our room, spending no time

In studying & rushing up chapters

Just before the exams.

Sunday movies and shopping malls are our happy place

Scratching our forehead with an empty purse is a routine cycle.

One profound bathroom singer

And one musician is always there to entertain.

One topper to teach and one writer to pen 

Will be mandatory. Future actors & directors

Shooting short films and one guy always spending his time

With food plate and movies. 

Looks like a monkey's cage 

Still most beautiful environment

To enjoy life to it's fullest. 

Hostel life United us as brothers and sisters

From different mothers! 

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