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Jefrin Baby

Abstract Tragedy Fantasy


Jefrin Baby

Abstract Tragedy Fantasy



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At times I look

For serenity in and around

To find a happy place

To rest my soul for a while!

In the world filled

With toxic people

Who intoxicate my mind often,

I wish to stay away from them at a distance!

Bunch of sorrows on my plate

And gallons of liquid

Surrounding my eyes

My heart wishes to lock me in a closed room!

People think hearts are

A hard stone as theirs

Who never mind breaking a glassy heart

As fragile as mine!

Deep down my heart

I'm sick of human beings

And seek pleasure in loneliness

Which looks so polish and undisturbing!

Peaceful state of mind

Is all that the soul lingers around

Staying away from the noisy atmosphere

Is all that the brain requires!

Adapt yourself to the

Lonely environment, away from

The human fragrance

For humans destroy your happiness soon!

Loneliness isn't a curse

Instead, a blessing to embrace

A healthy way to cherish 

And happiness to dive into!

Let your hearts search for calmness

Let your lips speak in silence

Let your face glisten in your closed room mirror

And let happiness reach you in pin drop silence!

Humans are toxic indeed!


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