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Anushila Jana

Classics Inspirational


Anushila Jana

Classics Inspirational

Sea Sorrow

Sea Sorrow

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Hey it's me,

Speaking from the bottom of the sea.

Among the pearls, we did live here,

With love, peace and no fear.

The sea was blue,

The sky was too.

It was big as our dreams could be,

We all stayed here- my family and me.

Whenever it rained,

We felt the cold drops in our veins.

But then something happened bad,

Something really dark, really sad.

Creatures entered this ocean blue,

None had fins, didn't have eyes too.

We thought we could eat them up,

So others did try their luck.

But, after gulping them down,

They could breathe no more,

And floated to the shores.

Our sea beds now stuck with grease-dirt-oil,

Our weeds all dead without soil.

Fishnets or 'plastic'- yes that is what they called it,

Sometimes even big boulders into the sea fell,

If it was God who was angry on us or was it man,

No one could tell.

We tried to run,

Sinking farther away from the sun.

Suddenly the moonlight became all so distant,

The ocean creatures were dying in an instant.

The sea looked blue no more,

The world seemed to shut down its door.

They came here to take a quick little swim,

Now, what about us? Where do we go in little world so dim?

If you're reading this,

We might have probably ceased to exist.

Just hoping that you'll know,

The story of our pain- our sorrow.

So, this is me-

Dying in the bottom of sea.

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