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Religious Secularism

Religious Secularism

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India is a secular country,

Mayhap it was taught in puerility.

It's obviously right,

But the people of the state do not feel the same.

Hindus have to prove,

That they are secular.

While Muslims have to prove,

That they are patriotic.

Jihadi for Islam,

Who fight against the evils in himself to purify his soul.

Jihadi for some outlets,

Who kills innocents in the name of religion or God.

Be Proud!

We are citizens of that great nation-state,

Where we are divided

By clothes and language of one.

We say

We have religious freedom.

But only,

If it's our own religion.

Religion does not, in fact, cause racism,

We will be master of our fate.

It is the evil pulsating in our veins,

It is alive because of all our hate.

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