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Uma Vinod

Abstract Tragedy


Uma Vinod

Abstract Tragedy

Receding Waves

Receding Waves

1 min

Born amidst undivided attention,

Showered with heaps of love,

A sibling to care for, a blessing,

A world near_perfect...

An environment conducive,

To flourish and prosper,

To bloom and blossom,

Unhindered, uninhibited...

Protecting arms engulfing,

In a soothing embrace,

Dispelling tears and tantrums,

With the moisture of love...

Hands guiding each step,

Eyes and minds alert yet tactful,

Watching in anticipation,

With pride brimming over...

Never in the worst of nightmares,

The fleeting image of distress,

Nor a speck of forewarning,

Of impending doom...

Blissful ignorance of reality,

Of limits of eternity,

Of thresholds of supreme happiness,

Of stark, vicious traps of illusion...

And lo! Sweeps a sudden gale,

Wiping out a vigorous flame,

An absurd blow, a nightmarish turn,

To a glorious, joyful tale.....

A beacon receding into oblivion,

A loving grip loosening its hold,

A strong pillar crumbling to bits,

Abandoning in abundance.....

Minutes and seconds turn to ages,

Heaving under the pain of loss,

Weighed down by the futility,

Of a solitary existence...

A nudge so gentle beckons,

To tread on, on and on,

Battling with incredible might,

Against a siege of despair.....

Yes, waves leave behind a void,

Impossible to fill,

One can, but try...

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