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Anshita GARG



Anshita GARG




2 mins 320 2 mins 320

Ayodhya brings to us a fascinating story,

That has been endowed with all the glory.

3 queens of Dashratha, the king,

Had 4 sons with childhood reminiscing.

They grow up as time went on,

Childhood now belonged to the days bygone.

Matches for each were sought,

When Sita and the 3 sisters were brought.

Coronation of Ram, subsequently, began,

But Manthra did not want any good of the clan.

Poison by Manthra Kaikey gravely lamented,

To have her son Bharat coronated.

Demanding Ram’s 14 years-long exile,

She sent the king to heaven meanwhile.

Ram agreed,

With all the peace guaranteed.

Ram spent time in the forest like a sage,

Up until Ravan did enrage.

Enraged at Laxman disrespect,

To have cut Surpanakha’s nose, none left.

Ravan pledged to revenge,

It was his turn to then avenge.

He disguises as a saint,

To abduct Sita, who never had a hint.

Headed to Lanka Ravan with the abducted,

The consequences, I'd say, he had never predicted.

Sita was kept in Ashoka Vatika,

Surrounded by nice demons exotica.

Visited by Hanuman she was happy,

None of the royals was, as the garden had become quite shabby.

Then was the battle instigated,

And Ravan shortly fell shot of fighters well rated.

Then would he come to the ground,

 With the hope to turn the situation all around.

Ram, eager to kill the criminal,

Was told by Vibhishan to aim the arrow at his navel.

And this ends the Ramayana story,

Ravan died and Ram cherished all the glory.

Ending the anecdotes of 14 years,

Ayodhya was again replete of all the cheers.

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