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J Clement Selvaraj

Drama Inspirational


J Clement Selvaraj

Drama Inspirational

Raising of the widow’s Son

Raising of the widow’s Son

2 mins 36 2 mins 36

She felt like a dying solitary tree in an abandoned land

When death showed up at her doorstep like a thunder

Killing her lone son, who added meaning to her existence

And transforming her smooth life flow into a tempest  

      With the passing of her son she lost everything she had

      Endless weeping made her eyes devoid of tears and parched

      After several years she saw her long-gone man in the dead youth

      Whom he had left as a little one with her as a recompense 

Sitting by the bier, holding the lifeless body of her only son

She recollected the day she never wanted to recall ever again

When her young man was the reason for the neighborhood’s grief

And the little boy standing by the bier, caressing the dead man’s face

      Unlike the past when she underwent a similar ordeal

      The gathering appeared strange with no womenfolk to console

      She knew the town of Nain would see her as a sorceress

      As her remaining days are to be lived at the mercy of others

A big crowd from the town accompanied the body of the man

On his journey to the final resting place outside the settlement

The mother followed the coffin with a secret wish and last prayer

That she should fall dead on reaching the place of burial

      As the funeral procession passed through the town gateway

      There appeared a throng at the threshold with the most influential

      Seeing the dead woman walking, pity filled the almighty’s heart

      The master stopped for a while and glanced at the dead youth 

Do not weep, she heard the angel of death gently singing in her ears

The pallbearers stopped as the most powerful touched the coffin

Before he ordered the young man in the coffin to arise

She realized that it was not the angel of death, but the king of kings

      The young man woke up at the most holy one’s directive

      And started talking to people he hadn’t met for a long time

      The mother got back her only son by the grace of god

      As he visited his subjects in the guise of a prophet   

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