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Rupinder Pal Kaur Sandhu



Rupinder Pal Kaur Sandhu


Punjab Return

Punjab Return

2 mins 12 2 mins 12

Ninth Guru stayed at Patna for days a few

News of tyranny in Punjab were reaching  anew

He wanted to return soon to Chak Banki

So he left, leaving his family at Patna

Bhai Bhago,Bhai Ramu, Sadhu and Des Raj

Were assigned the job of security back there

But in the absence of Guru Sahib it was

All lifeless, dry and barren at Chak Banki

On the other side Ram Rai sneaked Aurangzeb

That his right to Guru- ship was usurped

Aurangzeb new their fearlessness from his

Experience with Guru Har Krishan Sahib

Emperor didn't pay heed to his complaint

Ram Rai was bent upon shooting a trouble

He the ninth Guru then set to reach Punjab

Leaving his family behind in the city of Patna

After he left Prince Gobind started asking

To join and stay with his father in Punjab

Mother Gujari then sent a messenger

To seek his permission and join him

He told the messenger to let them start 

for Punjab and wait at Lakhnaur till he called.

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