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Anu Kaur



Anu Kaur


Petrol, Diesel And Love

Petrol, Diesel And Love

3 mins 85 3 mins 85

It was the last day of the year,

Swirling winds of gaiety, mirth, and cheer.

Yet another day, one more lone evening-

She waited patiently for her busy beloved king.

Hanging around in his Kingdom, trying to catch his eye,

She knew it was futile yet excitedly, began to try.

Gently caressing her, December’s cool breeze,

The sight before her a mocking tease…

Groups of people – families, and friends,

Geared up to the party as the year ends.

 They came in noisy throngs

Full of revelry and song;

Stopping to refuel for their jubilant jaunt,

Their boisterous laughter - an impeccable taunt.

Her eyes once again scanned the cluster,

Seeking him out with all the hope she could muster.

He had promised to bring in New Year far and out,

Exclusively with her, away from the crowd.

So taken up was he with fuelling another’s car 

Forgetting his pretty lady waiting unwearyingly afar.

Today, once again, she tried to hold them tight,

But soon started losing this hopeless fight. 

Freed of the bondage, at last, the tears flowed,

Hot, salty, unbridled, copiously they poured.

While checking the petrol gauge, he saw her in the glass,

Wondering what was she doing there standing on the grass!

Then he saw how she tremulously dabbed her eyes,

Struggling to smile but giving away the lies. 

Thud! He splattered on earth with a grinding jolt,

Stuck by a searing lightning bolt.

Fogs of guilt clouding his inward daze,

He had hurt her tender heart in his working craze.

In a bid to fuel others’ travel and ride, 

He had forgotten his own lovely bride.

How patiently she stood, waiting for him to be free,

Like the last leaf of autumn, adorning the bare tree.

In a hurry to erase his guilty pain,

Down came the shutters as rapid as rain.

Quickly he brought out the bold ‘CLOSED’ sign,

Eager to whisk her away to wine, dine and shine.

Couldn’t meet her eyes as he held open the car door,

Remorseful and awkward to his manly core.

Her heartbeat so wildly,

Promising to break its bony cage,

She heard her angels whispering, 

Go on, go, it’s your act, it’s your stage!

Driving her away to paradise, far into the night,

Suddenly their four-wheeler halted, signaling something not right.

He discovered to his dismay, 

In a hurry to get away,

He had missed fuelling his own car

But by now, they were way too far.

The fuel gauge showed ‘empty’,

Troubles seemed to abound in plenty.

No petrol pump for miles on end,

A twist in the saga, an embarrassing bend.

They could not move or drive anywhere,

It was best to stay put, right then and there.

The magic of the night soon worked its charm…

Encircling them tightly in each other’s arms.

Realizing that current moments do not always last,

What is NOW, shortly becomes your past…

Pent up love raced and he hugged her tight, 

Caressing her with tenderness, gentle and light. 

Lamenting over moments lost,

Precious to the core, boundless in their cost.

He vowed to never again let his work dominate,

She was his wife, his life-long mate!!!

As he held her hand, looking up above and high,

He appealed to the winds and silvery starry sky,

‘Forgive me, o dear lord, for I have given her pain,

Never shall I ever repeat this folly again’.

Together they welcomed New Year’s sunrise,

With dreams and promises, in love-filled eyes. 

Revving up the engines of passion and romance,

With twinkling stars to applaud in a joyous dance. 

A dry petrol tank was a blessing in disguise,

What happened next - Shall keep you posted, guys.

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