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Paper Boat

Paper Boat

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Setting out on a journey,

A long way I have to go.

For I am a paper boat,

Floating in the stream of darkness.

Eager and curious for the destiny to unfold,

I am all stiff in pride,

For I am a paper boat,

I am setting out for a ride.

Cold wind pushes me hard to move forward,

And I wait for someone to notice me,

I feel like I am invisible,

Only this stream around me I see.

Drenched in my own feelings,

I float along the stream,

Trembling and falling but I move along with the wind.

The words in me are fading,

For it is a message to the one who notices me,

Gliding across the way,

I was unnoticed but existed among them.

My pride is gone,

I am no more stiff,

I am dripping wet and the rain drowns me,

Finally, I am noticed after a long journey.

But when I am picked up to read,

My words are blurred and I am not what I used to be.

I am now a mere piece of paper,

Drenched in the rain and utterly useless,

I am torn and ruined being all by myself.

I lay down there thinking,

When I was in my true form I had no one to notice,

When I am at my worst I am blamed and lying unnoticed.

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