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The Clock Of Life

The Clock Of Life

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There are clocks by our names,

They are wind-up and we are given a life to live,

They keep ticking all the time.

They tick and never stop,

Until our time ends by.

The second ticks and turns to moments,

The minutes represent the days,

The hours in the clock of life are the years,

Your clock is ticking in its own way.

Slow and steady the clock of life moves,

Lying somewhere above in a heavenly place,

It ticks and waits for our time to be overdue,

Our memories cannot be erased.

Time is ticking even now,

Listen to the heartbeat and the tick of the clock,

They are for a purpose,

Which reminds us we are alive today.

No one knows when the ticking is stopped,

The clock doesn't give extra time,

It stops and makes everyone alarmed except us,

Eventually, our life and the clock is done,

We played our part in our life,

That will be the time to let go,

Remember when it stops ticking,

It is death.

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