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Here, there and everywhere,               

Wherever you see nature is there.         

From the colorful early morning sky,           

To the chirping birds flying up so high

The trees with the cool winds sway,           

The tiny ants from everywhere find their way.  

The mesmerizing rain which beautifies every place,                                    

The glittering waters that know no pace.

The colorful rainbow arising from the clouds,   

The beautiful birds and their sweet sounds. 

Nature is the most beautiful as they say,        

It is pleasant in every way.

Could you imagine a life without all this?         

Don't you feel privileged to experience this bliss?   

So shouldn't we thank god for this wonderful gift?      

To care for it shouldn't we contribute our bit?

 Nature has given us so much we cannot even think,                                         

 From the clouds that float to the water we drink.     

Nature gives us everything from night to day,       

So much that can never repay

So let us try not to be mean,                    

To grow trees and make the world green.             

To do what each of us can,                        

The duty is of each and every man.

If we go like this it might happen one day,           

When we would not be able to see this how much we pray.                                        

So let us take a pledge and make it our duty,           

To conserve our surroundings and preserve nature’s beauty.

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