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Our Dreams

Our Dreams

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Every night I go to sleep

It's like a new world

I dive into,

A world where I explore

More and more

Each time I close my eyes,

A world where I can be anything


Without any hesitations or

Regrets to try,

Sometimes, it's like

I'am always floating with clouds,

Feeling the freedom I had

Never received,

Feeling the winds like

They are my blankets,

Making me feel warm and comfy,

Sometimes, it feels like

I dived deep into the ocean,

Where it's a new world that

I hadn't seen,

Where it's a new discovery

Of everything that I had seen,

These dreams are so different,

Yet feels so close to reality,

Understanding them is sometimes

Like a mystery yet to be solved,

A mystery that may be close to our hearts,


The mystery that may raise questions in our minds,

These dreams are always a part of us

That we never knew existed,

Parts of our imagination and intuitions

That we never knew were connected,

I wish we could record some of these dreams

To relive the experience,

But it's all in our minds to keep dreaming

About what we really want and,

What we don't necessarily want

To believe they exist.

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