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Shivali Singh

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Shivali Singh

Drama Inspirational Others



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We have often faced the bias,

From the toddler's chair to the dais.

A mean smile, a hinted pause.

A cold shoulder, we know the cause.

let this be an eye opener for the ignorant lot.

I list out, who she is, with a heavy heart. 

As my conscience questions me "what's the need?"

The obvious needs to be stated, sad situation indeed.

We have come a long way, long way we have yet to go

Deciphering who SHE is - lets start the show.....

She who has the feminine charm.

She who does not mean any harm.

For sure, God's most wonderful creation.

She who defines the word perfection.

Who faces all challenges with a smile.

She who has the heart to forgive the most vile.

She who can wipe your tears, with her eyelid wet,

To take on the world with her tiny fist, she's all set.

She who rises to the top, from the debris of disaster.

In the art of perseverance she is the master.

She who nurtures and tends the bud till it blooms.

Who lights up the world even in the days of gloom.

She could be your that pillar of strength.

Who support's you to any length.

Fragile oh !! no !! that's not what she is,

She has an unbreakable core behind those pretty wings .

She may seem like an ordinary book you ignore,

But there are layers and layers as you explore.

She could be a home maker or a flag-bearer that's her choice,

Always confident at what she does, has plenty to rejoice.

Her indepth calmness will leave u in daze,

She's a path finder, amidst the maze.

She does not play judge, carrying any grudges,

She moves forward, lightning her baggage. 

She could be a dandelion blooming in the wild,

Or a daisy with fragrance mild.

She who is an added prefix to man 

She is none other, but only a woman.

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