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Vikram Patwari



Vikram Patwari


The Departed...

The Departed...

1 min 345 1 min 345

Dear Mum and Dad, why so early to depart?

You folks forgot you have two kids who are seven seas apart!

Life seems so different without you both!

Wish you were here when I come drenched to wrap me up in a warm cloth!

I know I am no more a kid, I am a father of two beautiful kids!

But I am unable to control myself when I see your vids!

I know I should be brave!

But don’t know why God created me so naive!

I don’t know if we have a chance to meet again!

But given a chance with God, I would go for any bargain…

I miss you both, I miss our home in Tandur!

Is there any chance to hug you both again, I wonder!!

Oh God, why all these connections and disconnections?

You don’t know how we feel about all these affections!!

No wonder God, for all us humans you have a wonderful script!

But Dear God, you have no idea what we go through when we experience such a rift!

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