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Even Our Dreams Need Oxygen

Even Our Dreams Need Oxygen

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Waterfalls all around.

Oh, how amiable is the sound,

And I sing the beautiful song.

But then I hear the bong!

Once. Twice. Thrice.

Oh now I realize!

It was just a dream.

For even I am in the team,

Responsible for the earth’s scream.

But how did I end up here?

Holding a share,

In the forthcoming earth’s demise?

I was the one rewarded with the grand prize;

For being the best marcher;

To prevent Mother Earth’s departure.

Was it when I failed to put my words into actions;

And anticipated the hazard to be the ultimate destination?

Or when I turned a blind eye,

To the earth’s sighs,

Contrary to my dismay,

When that man in gray

Overturned the tree,

I went on with my own spree.

The feeling of guilt crept inside of me,

As I held my lavish apartment’s key

For it is also built on the graves,

Of the trees that pave,

The way for us to dream;

And gleam.

So will no trees eventually mean no dreams?

For to see those lucid dreams,

You do need to breathe

Don’t you?

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