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Naila Hina

Abstract Drama


Naila Hina

Abstract Drama

In The Party Of Gods!

In The Party Of Gods!

1 min 336 1 min 336

Not yet I have turned down the wine glass (Jam)

In the name of his pride!

Staring at the Golden wine in the jam

A lot of sand is poured down the hour Glass!

The night is still young but passing

The arrival of Strange deities is started

Arms in arms they are dancing

Apollo and Venus, Anubis and Isis,

Roman, Greek, Egyptians, Indian, all of them

Big and small deities

Are all the guests of honor here!

There’s Jupiter as well as the Sun.

All of them have come from the stars

To ease and soothe my pain

Or share my tension

I had heard that destiny is changed

When the path or direction of the stars is changed!

So I have contacted all my friends and got their attention!

They all obey me as I am human

And most of all, a mortal.

While they are devoid of the wealth of ‘ death'!

( For at least a limited time period!)

They are falling in drunkenness

And twinkling in the warmth of the wine!

Alas! Nobody can do anything!

Man himself takes the wrong path

And blames the stars!

Everybody doesn’t deserve love

But anyone can fall in love

with anyone,

And that one becomes

A god for him!

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