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Indian Cultural Extravaganza

Indian Cultural Extravaganza

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Very diverse is the Indian cultural extravaganza,

The festive spirit shows up in each and every every plaza.

Different Indian festivals get celebrated round the year,

The enthusiastic citizens keep waiting eagerly year after year.

South India celebrates Bhogi Makara Sankranti Pongal as harvest festivals,

North India celebrates Lohri Baisakhi Bihu Nuakhai as harvest festivals.

Andhra Karnataka people celebrate Ugadi as their New year,

Tamil Malayalam people celebrate Puthandu Vishu as their New Year.

Odisha celebrates Mahabisubha Sankranti as Odia New Year,

West Bengal celebrates Poila Baisakh as Bengali New Year.

Big festive spirit comes up during the Ratha Jatra Chariot fest,

This annual travel of Sri Jagannath at Puri draws everyone's interest.

Sri Krishna Janmastami in Mathura is a major crowd puller,

Sri Ganesh Puja at Maharashtra is a major crowd puller.

Durga Puja Dusshera festivities show the value for the Mother Goddess,

Sri Saraswati Puja Manabasa Gurubar Laxmi Puja show that Woman is always the empress.

Deepawali the festival of lamps and lights,

The brightness of which improves everyone's insights.

This Indian cultural extravaganza is unending,

The Hindu lunar calendar festival chart always keeps us reminding.

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