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Manu Devassia

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Manu Devassia

Abstract Drama Inspirational



2 mins 262 2 mins 262

''You are henceforth liberated!'' The echo resounded

In the streets of the Indian towns and cities.

The excitement shimmered in the eyes

Of every pauper and slave hitherto surrendered

And all the wealthy and nobles so privileged.

They celebrated the freedom the amplifiers declared,

With no limits, hoping to lose it never;

It paraded through the streets but vanished someday.

Never did we know it was just a mirage

That would last for only days, like ephemeral memories.


Freedom struggles have ended, we thought,

But they came endless under pretense.

Repressions everywhere I go and make a living;

The British oppression was better in effect, many felt.

Liberty found no leeway to express herself;

Disguised, she stayed among us, losing her identity.

She was freed  but to merely fall into unsafe hands;

Promises to keep her were just as fraudulent.

It was the pleasure of power, not of freedom,

That entertained and lured her keepers.


Bondages the champions overcame with sweat and blood,

And sacrifices that proved their love for the motherland

Are now mere stories commemorated yearly.

The treaties confirmed we were independent,

But the reality evinced otherwise.

Independence, an illusion we thought we had,

Was nothing but nectar in a dripping flagon.

We're blinded and gagged by the charisma they pretended.

Protests on streets and exhortations on stages-

Nothing challenged their despotism and the reign of injustice.


We aren't born to live slaves in shackles;

Give us what we truly deserve and are born with.

How long shall we remain in servitude?

How long will you convince our shallow minds

To believe we have it in abundance?

Now set us free to taste the true freedom

Lying in the pages of the constitution,awaiting fulfillment.

Let us be free like the tricolors on the pole

To rise and flutter our wings in freedom,

Or leave it to tyrants who could do much better.



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