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Shivali Singh

Inspirational Others Children


Shivali Singh

Inspirational Others Children



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When I was a little girl I always nodded a yes.

Yes for friends, yes for games,

For candies, for toys always a yes.

Then came the teens ;

that sowed the seeds of no in me.

No to sweets, to guys it was a big no.

To my strengths I waved a blatant no.

Just to match my friends and go with the flow,

In my false pride to the rights I said no.

Went through a turmoil before I  learnt to say yes again.

I bloomed and smiled and all seemed sane.

Yes to love , yes to cheer, yes to life,

Yes to the adventure of being a wife.

Yes to compatibility, yes to trust,

to his charming ways yes was a must.

I loved the new me that was not a mess,

Finally I became a mother with a big yes.

Now the coin flipped again tied in a bow,

It was time again for the no no and no.

No to sleep, no to lazyness,

No to self-love,no time for idleness.

But those shiny green grey eyes,

Warmed my heart, answered my why's.

This was the best gift I ever got from God,

Apart from his father they were beans of the same pod.

But the journey with the no continued,

With little yes's popping in feud.

Yes to his cuddly smile, yes to his warming gaze.

Yes to the seamless happiness that left me in daze.

To be happy and rigidity free ,a child should learn to hear no,

This is what I learnt and applied it  so.

To his dangerous naughty ways   sometime I had to nod a no,

He was the charming angle and did not need many no's.

I was learning to be a mother and he learning to grow,

Froth of Causion and fear above

 an ocean of love and care below.

The yes and the no were balanced  well,

Tumbling and topling we managed  to sail.

I was a wife a mother but foremost  an individual.

Slowly but steadily I did carve a    niche for myself.

Juggling the various caps was a  tough game,

I began excavating my talents and  my true aim.

It was time for a big yes again.

Yes to anchoring yes for creativity,

Yes to workshops yes for   responsibility.

Yes to self expression , yes to a warm hug.

Yes to merry laughter, yes to an open heart.

Along with these yes's came the strength to say no.

No to social stigma, no to self pity,

No to blame game ,no to vulnerability.

The yes and the no weave a magic together,

Behold the yes and let go the no to become better.

It's a long story have to cut it short,

For now here's where I stop.

 Life's a bouquet of flowers of all  sorts,

You smile, cheer and sometimes  snort.

 It has its high's it has is low,

 Life is beautiful between the YES   and NO.

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