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Ode To Forehead

Ode To Forehead

3 mins 14.3K 3 mins 14.3K

Dear forehead,

How are you? Is all well?

Today, you look extra prominent.

Might I say, even a little opalescent?


Is it the reflected light?

Or is it your ever-present glow?

Regardless, you put on quite a show.


From friends who mock

to spectators who gawk,

you possess quite a knack

to deal with incessant flak.


You've gone on to become my identifier,

I don't know if that's good news or bad.

I think I should go with the latter,

when I remember all the mishaps we've had.


But then, I remember the moments of glory;

the correlations with intelligence and the rare compliment,

and I am tempted to reconsider my predicament.


Thanks to well meaning acquaintances and pesky aunties,

we’ve obtained advice galore.

But Aunty, before in the glory you bask,


Consider this: for your advice, did I ever ask?

We're fine, my forehead and I,

Living our lives big,

watching normal hairlines pass us by.


A little rue is certainly due

for all the times I cropped you

Out of my ictures

Because of your convex curvature.


I'm immensely apologetic

For the smoothened "flick",

and that god-awful fringe;

For all the salon experiments

(Yes, they still do elicit a cringe.)


For all the trips to hair clinics;

and generally seeking a fix.


It didn't occur to me for the longest time

that accepting you wasn't actually a crime.




People have great skills of observation,

pointing out my lack of hair,

(As if I wasn't already aware).


This is what I wish to say

to all who attempt to dampen my day:


"Oh, thank you dear sir!

I must in fact, concur.

This forehead indeed is magnificent;

so protruding and so iridescent.

But let's not get so dramatic,

So as to deem it gigantic.

It possesses feelings too,

Much like him, her, me and you.

So I request you to be kind,

to not make people mind;

and not make them obsessed

with what their genes have expressed."


One thing that never fails to amaze

is the sheer creativity of the ways

And means mockers have devised

to make fun of your size.


Here's to all the things you've been called:

Starting small with "ganji" and "bald",

to "five head", "side view mirror" and such,

Wasn't "Buddhist monk" a bit much?

Comparisons have also been drawn,

to the pitches cricket matches are played on.

Yet the one that makes it to the hall of fame,

Is this one which outshines the others in this game:


"When the time to put sindoor will come,

to exhaustion, your husband's hands will soon succumb."


This spectrum of insults

has actually yielded amazing results

I used to be embarrassed before,

but I'm not anymore.


After all, of all the adjectives that have been employed

the word "ugly" is yet to be deployed.

You were really not meant to hide,

but actually, be sported with pride.


Now I think it's time to wind up this tribute with a resolve very absolute,

I promise to treat you with utmost respect,

And to shut down haters in every aspect.

The insecurity I will try to quell,

because if my body's a temple then you're definitely the bell.

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