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Ronit Shah

Abstract Fantasy


Ronit Shah

Abstract Fantasy

Night’s Company

Night’s Company

1 min 444 1 min 444

Alone, the night beckons to me

Under the yellow lights,

With the cold breeze 

Ruffling my hair

Huron’s mellow tunes for the company 

Night and I complete the conversations 

That was initiated in dreams

Sleepless and tired, yet wide awake

The night sharing the stories

Of horrors and aspirations 

Violence and truce

Dreams and Tears

Love and heartbreaks

It had witnessed, while I

From this small lifetime 

Share stories of sadness,

And immaturity, coupled with some jokes

That made him chuckle,

“Kids”, he thought, “what a blissful age”

As time flew by, he shared

What he misses the most,

What the light feels like.

To be,

So close to the warmth,

But eternally cursed,

To remain in the darkness.

In this common suffering,

We became friends.

Now, we lie here every day 

Under the stars, dreaming

In infinite silence, 

Of what the warmth 

Would do to us, 

If we are ever freed.

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