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Never Forgotten

Never Forgotten

2 mins 266 2 mins 266

Now forever you eternally rest my dear

You are missing from my life now that you are not here

But now you are free as the cancer cannot destroy you anymore

So I can always cherish those moments before

I know that you are now sate and pain free

My memory of you now is not your death that I see

My love you were only twenty five, my world was broken

For such a long time it was impossible to have your name spoken

I will always remember your beautiful smile

Even though being able to talk to you it has been a while

So every night now I talk to you when I pray

Even though you died too young, but the good die young is what they say

I know it was too much to ask for you to have stayed

You suffered so, which God did know, so your life from this world did fade

What is missing now in my heart I will never replace?

Time moves on easing my sorrow but I will always see you face

I know that you are better off as you are liberated from such pain

You were too good for this world so God took you off this plane

I know with no doubt that you are in the arms of God

You are safe for my faith knows that you are above

I miss the sound of your voice in my ear

Whispering the words ‘’I love you’’ which brought a tear

But now you rest in peace I pray that you sleep well

For this life of suffering was not for you to dwell

Our time together was short but it impacted so profoundly

For all the faith and love we shared has all of God’s angels singling so loudly

I will see you again soon my dear, for this I am sure

For both our love and faith were real, utterly true and pure

Always in my mind

Forever in my heart

In loving memory of Declan Kearney

16/06/1989 – 22/02/2015

Passed away from cancer aged twenty five

Rest in peace my love.

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