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The Obscurity Of Reality

The Obscurity Of Reality

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As I lay me down to sleep, this day do I want to keep?

I desire to simply fly far away and not need to sleep

I prayed to God to grand my wish and I realise I am in the sky

I feel a flutter, I turn around and I have wings like a butterfly

I start to hear the wind singing in my ear; oh what spectacular sounds

I can’t wait to soar above those crystal silver lined clouds

Any bird, any plane, I am above, I am so high

Now I am able to see the world from the view of a bird’s eye

All I see is as beautiful as a diamond; trees, oceans, lakes and fields

With these rainbow speckled pixie wings, any destination I can yield

All the beauty I can observe like an angel looking down from heaven

I soar down to the ground, singing of angels voices so loud now as to deafen

Oh such awe I have for everything I can imagine and all of which I can endeavour

This new land is so beautiful, all I want is to remain here forever

I dance, I fly, I twirl and everything immensely glistens

As I sing out all my desires, only God in heaven listens

What beauty I see, I cannot go back to the reality of being so confined

Sparkling stars as every night is clear and every day the sun has shined

With lavender trees and tangerine apples and coral grass all around

Where am I really? Have I gone insane? ‘Reality’ never to be found

The stars at night, they swing and sway and the moon shines back with glee

Silver silent music only I can hear, this sound I cannot set free

All the river banks are lined with thistle and tall teal and black daisies

Quiet people walking backwards now, what is happening; am I crazy?

The abandoned forest in which snowflakes rise, the ground starts to tremble now

Was this merely a dream or madness from which I awake? I don’t understand how

Memories flooding here and there; No, I want to remain in this ‘reality’

For the real ‘reality’ has difficulties and the dream has the grandest truth and purity

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