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Drama Children

My Wish And Prayer

My Wish And Prayer

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For not buying me my favourite doll

I felt sad and disinterested in all

All of a sudden, I was drawn to a melodious song

I looked around to see to whom this sweet voice belonged

On a little girl rested my gaze

 In all probability, she was just my age

So crowded was the Sunday market

Yet I could not help observing the flower girl with a basket

The basket she held looked so neat

The flowers were decorated on a white sheet

Her attempts at selling flowers were obviously desperate

Is it destiny or just a matter of fate?

My parents feed me lunch and dinner

They think, else I might get thinner

Dear God! Please forgive me for this comparison

How could I thank you for giving me so much love and care?

So hard this small girl is trying to make the two ends meet

Polite or rude, she is least bothered by how the people treat


And as if accustomed to this all

In an age of playing with the dolls

Arranging the bouquets time and again

Dealing with customer hell-bent to bargain

Or some who say, “Oh what a nice child”

Under the sun she sits whether it is hot or mild

Finding a purchaser she had some hope finally

Running behind a few cars she disappeared quickly

Again about myself, I started thinking

So many ideas flashed on, that I stopped blinking

Earlier I was having sad thoughts

That my favourite Barbie was not bought

Now I started to ponder

How people live? I began to wonder

Please, God! Make everyone fine

Whether a stranger or mine

This is what I now wish and say

Shower your love on all, I always pray

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