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Gurpreet Kaur

Abstract Inspirational


Gurpreet Kaur

Abstract Inspirational

My Only Hope - You

My Only Hope - You

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Several stabs on my soul

Gone deeper and deeper

Infinite darkness gulped me inside

There was no light

Extreme darkness spread around

I was drowned inside

Falling deep in the abyss

Living but dead Inside

Far from the world of joy

Sadness was covering my soul

Standing alone in the crowd

Every known face had haunted me

Inner turmoil was on the verge

Every hope had gone in vain

And found one way to get rid of it

To put my life to an end

It wasn't easy either

But it was the only way

I decided and made an effort

To put a full stop on everything

At that moment

Amidst the infinite dark night

You came as a sunshine

And lead me towards the light

Held my hand

And showed me a daylight

A whirlwind of darkness got vanished

With your sparkling presence

All my stabs got healed

With your divine touch

Inner turmoil replaced with serenity

Your every word

Filled my heart with life

Spring spread around me

Several flowers bloomed

You showed me

The way to light

You became

My ray of hope

A hope of present

A hope for future

You are the moon of my nights

And a rainbow of cloudy days

You are a miracle happened to me

You are a breeze of fresh morning

You changed my life

And filled it with joy ad happiness

Though you are my present

Be my future too.

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