Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Mental Health

Mental Health

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When mom first told me she doesn’t want my friend to be around,

It first intrigued me, I was wondering there must be some peculiar reason,

He used to come on Sundays, have a cup of tea to watch a movie and head home.

But despite informing mom, she still kept the cup aside and never used it again,

Like it was occult or bad luck, I dismayed the gesture- she must be thinking about the hygiene.

As he was not clean-shaven and untidy with clothes, I never paid heed to it.

One occasion when he came home, mom grinned and retorted, don’t you have elsewhere to go?

She stomped her foot and went inside the kitchen.


He didn’t feel bad and sauntered inside my room and we languorously spoke at length,

One fine evening, mom summoned me and she sat in the way she will tell me something serious,

I put aside the newspaper veered at her-

Your friend is suffering from illness {Dimagi problem}

Someone told in the colony and he is consulting a doctor,

Beta, stay away from him or will get the disease too

If he comes again I will splash hot water on him

I don’t want any of my kids to get infected,

She went furious and without even listening further went away

Few days passed and Rahul did not come home,

Due to my work schedule, I was on watch and mostly busy on Sundays

On one weekend he requested to meet me at my place,

He was shivering, the words came across as unfinished

I told him, some excuse because mom would be agitated,

If he comes again.

I forgot about the call mom will start mumbling again, thereafter

I got busy with work.

On early Monday morning, Rahul committed suicide jumping from 8th floor

Landing haphazardly on the ground, he still carried a diary

I wonder he could have saved if I would have allowed him to come that day,

Perhaps I was the only one speaking to him with great care.

Above all, I was listening.

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