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I Will Choose The Moments

I Will Choose The Moments

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I will choose the moments from the thread of life,

I don't know how or when, from where I will do it 

But in the end, it's you at the moment,

I will gaze at you from the corner of your sorrow

I will choose to be droplets from the rain tomorrow 

I will become a cat looking mysteriously at you 

But I will make sure that somewhere I belong to you 

You become someone else's its none of my concern.

But you choose to see yourself in him, please do mention.

I will still don't abandon the thought I won't meet you again 

I will, in a way to look deeply in you,

Sometimes I can be on the windshield looking closely

Or perhaps be the straight curved line on your dairy which you forgot closely 

I will choose you even though if I will not be a part of this life

Wherever I am, I will still look at you from so many eyes.

And my name will linger in the world you belong,

It could be a part of your tongue, it would be anywhere 

Or on the wall, you hung.

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