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Sukadev Mahanta



Sukadev Mahanta


May sun rise for all

May sun rise for all

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As it is rightly said

The fear of lord

Is the beginning of wisdom

Giving one's mind

The complete freedom.

As the rising Sun

Removes all the darkness

As it rises above the horizon

Everything looksCrystal clear

Rejuvenating all

In a state without fear.

Time and tide

waits for no one

He may be the king

Mightiest or the wealthiest person

Giving a sharp blow

Everytime teaches a lesson.

As the sun rises

Everytime in the sky

It illuminates everything

Brightening up the sky

Generates a new hope

Making one's mind fly

Like a butterfly in the sky.

The setting sun

Welcoming darkness and fear

A complete quietness

Full of worries and fear 

The frightened mind

Thinking of uncertain danger.

May all anxieties and all fear

May all these quickly disappear

May all darkness quickly disappear

May Sun rise for all near and dear

Making everything crystal clear

Sowing seeds of hope with aspire.

May the sun rise for all

May it usher hope in all

Disappearing discontent all

May it glow as a glowing ball

Taking away every sorrow of all

May it bring happiness for all.

May the bees humhum for ever

Prepare honey for all as nectar

May the buds again long for

Opening up again without fear

Laugh with guy with fruit and flower

With all innocence and love forever.

May sun of hope rise for all

Trigger the innocence in love for all

May the twittering birds sing for all

May peace prevail in minds of all

With no place for worries at all

May Sun rise again for all

Making everything right for all.

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