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Nibisha GM

Children Drama Tragedy


Nibisha GM

Children Drama Tragedy

Little Miss Amiss

Little Miss Amiss

2 mins

Long back lived a little girl,

Not a long waited lucky token,

Nor a tiny fairy from celestial city;

Just an unasked additional sheet,

Got by hook or crook and so kept.

Everything was so fine around,

Everyone was so happy around.

Even the sun smiled brighter,

And the stars even lighter;

But only her little heart was weightier.

Skittish seven age was the time,

To chortle as jingle bell chimes,

To dance to the rhythm of rhymes;

Not to feel a void or inner pain,

But her heart sunk in servitude stain.

She made up her mind-That

Plays are with belittling bind;

Rule was to smile for all.

Never should she have gloom,

That poor little heart marked it deep,

Having had stored it full of weep.

Even with all the odds,

She was so cute and charming;

Like a lotus in mud, merrily blooming.

Yes of course, she was a little lotus;

Her roots were covered with stain.

She hoped for a mucker mate,

To wipe away her tears,

To hug her in fears.

To say she was worthy- And not

To be treated as a culprit noteworthy;

She longed for it so long.

No one did know her inferior heart;

Only did they broke it further apart.

Eventually her soul was only one,

Embraced to ease her when there was none.

It was like the male model of her;

So stubborn and supporting her.

With that kind brave ally in,

She turned tough to hold in.

Inner ally and outer filly became so close,

With that extra little care from within, she arose.

Naive her was satiated much,

With her inner soul mate;.

In her own world she was worthy and best.

But world cursed her imperfect as always;

She was so obstinate to hide hours under bed.

Just as she was beaten for being wrong,

Just because she felt insecure.

Her odds add color to contempt her,

To care her heart never was any one.

She lurked in dark to meet her inner mate;

Only he was to there with her and no hate.

Soon she fixed herself that she was imperfect,

But still was happy and gave it respect.

Time has moved miles away,

Now she's all grown up,

And things had changed.

All her falls and fights;

Perhaps made her lucky charm,

And the life and soul of all parties.

But deep down she's still that little girl-

Abandoned in dark and adopted by soul!

Nobody is to blamed at fault,

For what she holds in heart;

That inferiority and insecurity,

Those were hard to be erased.

As it was the seed sowed and she's the plant;

And still now....she has the little mate on!

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