Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Sakina Bharmal

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Sakina Bharmal

Others Children Stories

Adieu, School

Adieu, School

3 mins

Let's take a walk down memory lane,

Recalling the times insane.

We danced in class.

Cheated, but didn't pass.

We shipped each other.

Oh, how the girls called the boys "brother".

We made memories.

We went home with remarks in our school diaries,

With homework's incomplete and submissions due.

Oh, to these sweet times how could we say adieu?

Our teachers were the best,

For years they nurtured us in their nest.

The classroom fights:

Who's wrong, who's right; who has greater might?

The grounds we miss,

Where we played and played until we bruised our knees.

But no, we didn't care,

'Cause nothing compared to its warm, fresh air.

During the lectures, we ate,

So we could run to the grounds during the break,

But we always got caught,

And different reasons each time we sought.

From carrying a heavy bag,

To carrying responsibilities and the school flag,

Time passed by in the blink of an eye.

Shoes unpolished and nails unclipped

Belt not worn and shoes torn.

Oh, the library!

It was never meant for reading, ever since primary.

It was for pranks, gossips, and chatter,

And other silly matters.

The IT and Science labs,

Were our spaces for power naps.

The sick-bay was a savior,

We'd go there to rest,

Not when ill, but when we had a test.

The morning assembly was so much fun,

We'd always be late, so, fast we'd run,

To take our spots before the prayer would start.

At twice its rate, would beat our heart.

The quizzes and debates,

Would pit us against our best mates.

But it was never about competition,

Or who bagged the first/last position.

It was always about the knowledge in the end that we'd gain,

And in the process sharpen our brain.

When came exams and tests,

Along came funny requests:

"Ma'am, reduce the syllabus, please."

"Please tell us the important q's, we don't want to score C's and d's."

But then the teacher's words would put an end to our pleas:

"If you were attentive in class and sincerely completed all your work,

If you've spent time reading and revising and not on lurk,

You will nail the exams with ease."

And we would. :')

Oh, classroom, you are so much more than just 4 walls, desks, and a blackboard;

Infinite memories and secrets you hold:

You've witnessed our joys, our heartbreaks.

You've seen us celebrate our victories.

You have heard so much gossip and ill-talk.

You've known when we've cheated on tests.

You've been there when fights and pranks had got out of control.

You were there, watching us be our craziest selves, ever.

And oh classroom, this is what makes you so special.

You were never just a room for us.

You were a place where we felt warm, at home,

Because within you we have grown.

And the cold classrooms of our new schools and colleges do not compare to you in any way,

Because, hey!

For all these years you held our second family,

So how could your importance be replaced so casually?

We'd hate waking up every morning and coming to school,

But all these years, we had been complete fools.

Because it was on the day of our farewell that we realized,

That oh, school, our second home, you were paradise!

So, a year ago, when we stepped out of your arms, your gates,

And bid a final farewell to our teachers, memories, and mates,

We felt something we'd never felt before;

It felt as if never again we'd be whole.

And today, a year later, we understood why that is:

Its because a significant part of us is left behind at VPS.

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