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Manasvita Jain

Action Inspirational Thriller


Manasvita Jain

Action Inspirational Thriller

Lionhearted - Yogendra Yadav

Lionhearted - Yogendra Yadav

2 mins 267 2 mins 267

Subedar Yogendra Yadav - The Lionhearted Soldier

The one on whose courage and patriotism, the heart of every Indian is filled with gratitude, respect, and love, 

I salute one such gem of Mother India, 

The Lionhearted Soldier- Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav 

When his father shared his experience of the 1965 battle,

Zeal and fervor generating in him, And with nerves of metal,

He had a desire to do something for his country, 

and to his country's rivals, he wanted to be fatal.

He had a decision made up in his mind,

that is, in the Indian army, He will try and settle.

His age was just a mere sixteen,

But for the nation’s service, he was keen!

He had just passed the 12th grade, 

But to the country's service, he was kindly disposed and laid! 

Selected in the army in his first attempt,

He started the service for the nation, & for 1 year, on the good work, he kept,

He was working with serenity, determination, and a strong will.

But a huge disaster came in between,

Which earned him honor and fame, You must have heard the name,


On the 16500 feet high hill, India had to withstand a Pakistan like country,

And what he did was extraordinarily exceptional, and the rest is history! 

Where you struggle to breathe and live,

They had to reside on such a deadly cliff! 

Where several of his mates were earning martyrdom,

He had to fight in a situation so tense and glum.

The time flew by, and added to the hopelessness, 

But he didn't lose hope, because in the war he is dauntless! 

They were suddenly bombarded with an attack of the rivals,

And the foes encircled them from the front side,

And behind a rock, they did hide.

No matter they moved forward or backward, on the mountain so high,

To or fro, the situation was "DO OR DIE."

He did choose the option of dO, 

And did what he could do for his motherland at that petrifying instant! 

He got the Paramvir Chakra, the highest gallantry award,

For being a resolute gallant. 

He is one of those two brave warriors, who got this honor alive,

Blessed will be our motherland If in the future it gets such warriors, 

For the country that strives. 

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